TurnKey/FastTrack Interior Design & Procurement Services slab to deck, wall to wall.  PH: 727-399-7302 or sales@contractinteriors.com

Office furnishings and finish materials at bottom line pricing with exact specifications.

Contract Interior Services. Inc. provides these items to all commercial, corporate and hospitality sectors.

Interior Design Specifications available for all needs. Contract Interior Services, Inc. is the one stop vendor to have products on site faster and more efficient for project completion. Our expertise range from the smallest office to large areas for corporations, medical clinics, banks, hotel/condo facilities and more. Common areas for carpet, wallcovering, base and furnishings with a quick and efficient turnaround.

To view some of our key vendors. See "Vendor List" page for links and additional product information. See "Products Offered" page for a complete Furnishing, Accessories and Finish Materials available from Contract Interior Services, Inc. Go to "Products Pics" page for additional product images.

 Pricing on all furnishings, wallcovering, carpet and accessories shall be quoted quickly and with maximum discounting. Go to the Contact Us page with your specifications.  Need specifications?  We will gladly provide that with your input based on your job needs.

Contract Sales for finish material include Carpet, Wallcovering and Murals. We  purchase directly from the mills and factories for the end user quickly and efficiently. General Contractor request for bids welcome. Fast pricing proposal with required specification.

Send your specifications to us for a no obligation cost estimate and delivery projections.

 Email specifications for wallcovering, carpet or furnishings to C.I.S., Inc. for a fast professional response. sales@contractinteriors.com 

 Your request for proposal will be expedited as specified at bottom line pricing and delivery projections.

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